A relentless quest for truly natural skincare backed by scientific results has seen Tricia Wittmer become a leading innovator in the Australian botanicals industry.

Sourcing natural ingredients, harnessed via new cellular extraction processes, Tricia has received widespread acclaim for her skincare range OSKYN, and luxury brand Karina Organics. And behind it all was years of research, exploration and education that ultimately led her deep into the Australian bush.

With a lifelong passion for health and wellbeing, Tricia has long believed that what we put on our skin is just as important as the food we put into our bodies. But her drive to find a natural skincare product was met with the revelation that much of what companies tout as “natural” and “botanical” was not nearly as natural as they claim.

To find the ultimate solution, Tricia embarked on years of research and travelled extensively. Her search for the best ingredients ultimately led her back to Australia and the unique and powerful properties of Australia’s very own abundant botanicals.

Among her exciting discoveries was the Kakadu Plum – a fruit tipped to be the next “superfood”. Found growing wild in northern Australia, it is the richest source of Vitamin C in the world, and contains beneficial bioactive phytochemicals to help protect against disease.

Kakadu Plum soon became Tricia’s hero ingredient in a stellar line-up of native plant species boasting powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that provide therapeutic benefits for the skin.

It wasn’t just the ingredients, however, that Tricia sought to optimise. In a world-first she utilises new cellular extraction technology that harnesses the ingredients without degrading the compounds within a plant. Ultimately the technique delivers natural, active, and stabilised Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum for optimum benefit to the skin.

This commitment to innovation is complemented by cutting edge biotechnology practices, and strict moral and ethical standards seen throughout the OSKYN and Karinda brands.

Along the way Tricia has forged close working relationships with indigenous communities who source the wild harvested botanicals so fundamental to her products. Tricia’s entire product range is free of harmful ingredients and contains ingredients that are certified organic where possible and backed by scientific and clinical data.

This has seen OSKYN and Karinda Organics both recognised widely within the beauty industry including recent recognition at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2017.

Tricia’s journey to produce the best skincare products using the best practices available sees her uniquely positioned to comment on the skincare industry, the ingredients used, and the techniques behind it. Her extensive research and cutting-edge innovation position her as a leader in the field. Importantly, her discovery of rich and plentiful botanical ingredients right here in Australia’s own backyard make her an expert in the exciting future of the Australian skincare industry.

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