Brighton, Victoria  –  Kerryn Powell, Founder of Your Time Matters proudly presents  the 2018 YTM PROGRESSIVE NETWORKING DINNER PLUS “WHY” AWARDS ,   taking place at The Deck, 212 Bay Street, Brighton,  on Tuesday 24th April, 2018,  featuring six speakers competing on the topic – WHY DOES IT MATTER.

Your Time Matters  is proud to bring the YTM “WHY” Award  Dinner to  Brighton for the third year in a row. The  Award Dinner brings together  Business Owners with diverse backgrounds, to  share  a meal and hear  the speakers, share  their  perspective on “WHY DOES IT MATTER” as they present  5 minute presentations on their field of expertise,  judged on their ability to meet the criteria and convince the audience.

The Competition is designed to stimulate thinking, challenge your ideas and enrich lives , personally and professionally.  Diners will hear from –

  • Lauren Ayers, – “How We See Things”
  • Peter Burgess – “Systemising your business “
  • Andrew Wilson, – “Energy Matters”
  • Melinda Samson, – “Google Analytics”
  • Andy Gild, -Bicycles for Humanity – “Empowering Communities”
  • Lynette Delane, – “Optimising your visual brand”

The conversations that results from these events are inspiring and fun!

Aside  from the competition, there is time for plenty of conversation started by the YTM Conversation Cards and of course, enjoyment of a 2-course dinner.

Your Time Matters’ Progressive Dinners have been running for the past three years and provide: –

  • An opportunity to eat and enjoy relaxed, but meaningful conversation with matched business people
  • Introductions to other guests with whom you have common interests
  • Structured conversations using special YTM Conversation Card decks that help you to give and receive value
  • Opportunities for casual conversation with like-minded people
  • Enjoyable, yet efficient networking opportunities and excellent speakers

The Progressive Dinner is a different type of networking event that focuses on making connections and building relationship. Many of our members have been with us for years because of the value our events deliver through the relationships they’ve formed. We are a friendly community that makes even the shyest person feel welcome.

More details about event can be found on this link

“These are very well organised, insightful and friendly events. There is the opportunity to meet like minded small business owners whose desire is to build relationships and refer work accordingly.
If you are looking to build your network and not just attend ‘one off events’ where you meet different people each time, look no further than YTM events.”- B.Evans , Small b Accounts

“YTM Networking events are one of the best I have attended in my 10 years in business. Not only the speakers are always great but the networking is real and works. I love that we have guided conversation and really get to know other at the table and I love that we are placed at a different table each time. Thank you YTM for helping grow my business connections!”- M.Dulburg, Webby Web Designs


Your Time Matters-

Our expertise- deepening conversations – developing networking skills – helping Business Professionals and Teams gain access to business insights and strategies to build a bigger and better business A dynamic program of networking events, strategic workshops, think tanks and business mentoring for business professionals, built on a belief that conversations, connections and strategic planning impact on your business success, whether you are a small business or a larger organisation. Through deeper and more effective conversations Business Owners, Professionals, Decision Makers and Membership groups can explore, share, challenge, learn, endorse ideas, problem solve, invite exciting synergies, provide support, engage for connection and collaboration.


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