The latest statistics indicate Victoria’s road toll for under 30’s is up more than 400 percent, making now the time to support our youth when it comes to learning to drive.

These tragic numbers represent a huge increase in preventable deaths, according to driver trainer educator Sarah Bruce, and the likelihood is they will not reduce unless drastic changes are made.

“We have to ask ourselves, why does this keep happening and what can we as a community do, to assist in bringing this number down?”

Ms Bruce is the founder of Drive Skills 4 Life, an organisation aimed at addressing a skills gap in parents who are looking to teach their children to drive.

Their revolutionary ‘Driver Refresher Program’ supports parents by upskilling them, and giving them the confidence to start teaching their loved ones to drive.  This program also assists new Australians, or residents who haven’t driven for many years, or now suffer from a mental health condition, such as anxiety, to bring their skills and confidence up to date.

The Driver Refresher Program addresses key areas to better skill parents and drivers, in the knowledge which include:

  • Parents and older drivers received their driver’s licence 20+ years ago
  • Road rules have changed since that time
  • Road conditions have significantly increased over 20+ years
  • Road rage is rife and that terrifies almost every learner and some drivers

Ms Bruce has seen the impact of a skills gap when it comes to parents teaching their children to drive.

Often the road rules have changed significantly since parents and older drivers first attained their licence, and they run the risk of passing on poor habits, which could have a detrimental effect on the road toll.

“The Driver Refresher Program takes parents and older drivers back to the basics”, Ms Bruce explained.

“It assesses their current driving habits and then empowers them to start imparting the right skills from both the driver’s seat and passenger seat if they’re supporting a learner driver.

For too long parents and drivers with anxiety have rung Drive Skills 4 Life crying out for help to get their skills up to date, or assisting their loved ones in getting them started on the learning journey.

Common statements include, my children suffer from anxiety and depression, we’re terrified to let them drive our car, we’re scared we’ll lose our temper and let our children down, a car accident has led to me suffering from anxiety whilst driving, how do we get through to them that they are not invincible?

Let’s bring families together and help them upskill to today’s standards and by doing that – you’re showing your family that you care enough to give them the best possible start to driving!”  Ms Bruce concluded.




Sarah Bruce can be contacted on 0422 765 843 or via email at for a discussion, quote or interview.

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