The workforce has seen a steady rise of employment of women in non-traditional roles over the last 5-10 years and the owner of Green Hip Workwear identified a gap in the Australian market well before her time.

Green Hip Workwear For Women has been trading for 10 years and has been celebrating their 10th birthday this month with the expansion of their style range – ‘All Women Overalls’. The exciting part about the new Overalls style is the capabilities for maternity. The overalls can be worn pre, during and post maternity with adjustable waist for any body shape and action back elastic to support movement when bending.

This new style is the result of years worth of research and product development and is made with Green Hip’s signature cotton stretch fabric. Green Hip recognises that clothing is the visual validation of a persons sense of identity, the outward expression of women’s sense of worth and Green Hip provides comfort and style which compliments a woman’s self expression.

‘Before going to market, all Green hip products are trialled by women who work in the industry. This has been our process from the very beginning of the business and our ‘All Women’ Overalls have been a long time in the making,’ says Liv Thwaites the Owner of Green Hip. ‘ We found that maternity pants just didn’t make the cut because when women are working in such physical jobs the Maternity trousers kept falling down. Over the years, our customers have been asking for Overalls and Maternity wear separately but we were able to combine the two garments in one. It was a genius moment for our product development team.’

In the past, women who have worked in male dominated roles have had to ‘make do’ and adapt their work clothing during their pregnancy. The work clothing has limited the tasks women can perform on the job and therefore discriminating them from doing the job they want to so desperately do. It is unsafe and uncomfortable for women in the workplace to work in ill fitting clothing whether they are pregnant or not and business can now invest in their female staff and take comfort in knowing the garment can be worn post pregnancy which is a savings of thousands over the lifetime of a business. The All Women Overalls are the solution to so many women’s problem and managers around Australia can now confidently supply appropriate work clothing to their staff.

‘Many of our stockists have had a battle when it comes to supplying women with appropriate work clothing and they made a collective sigh of relief when they were informed of our new product launch this month,’ says Liv Thwaites. The All Women Overalls can be pre-ordered directly through Green Hip’s stockists and online. There has been an overwhelming amount of pre-orders taken already for August delivery.

Women are a key part of the Australian workforce, both as employees and business owners and over the five years to May 2023, female employment is projected to grow by 8.8% compared with 5.6% for males as stated in the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment Newsroom. The strong growth of women working in Health Care and Social Assistance in recent years is projected to continue as is the growth of women working in Construction, Scientific and Technical Services.

‘It is a passion of mine to provide all women work clothing that express’s their sense of worth and enhances their identity. Our ‘All Women’ Overalls stand for equality and diversity and we are proud to be providing another great option of work clothing for women in the workforce.’ Says Liv Thwaites

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