In the lead up to World Autism Day on 2nd April, author and mother Monique Cain sets out to encourage greater understanding for those in our lives affected by autism. Her writing offers a sense of comfort that it’s perfectly normal for parents of autistic children to go through a range of emotions and reactions.

In her new book NEVER GIVE UP Monique openly shares her dark days and moments of despair. However, she equally celebrates the milestone moments and offers hope to others.

Monique is also also the author of 5 children’s books for young readers which share how the world is experienced by an autistic person. The Everyday Autism Series books are highly respected by educators and carers as a resource to encourage integration and understanding.

Monique continues to document jer two children’s milestones, big and small, in her blog The Everyday Autism Series and is an engaging and respected public speaker.

She appears at autism conferences throughout Australia – ABIA (Autism Behavioural Intervention Association), My Special Child, Spectrum Journeys Inc. and Source Kids events throughout the country advocating for understanding and support of those on the autism journey.

A passionate advocate Monique has also coordinated fundraising events and fundraised for local Autism Centres Abacus Learning Centre and The Light Up Autism Foundation, having raised in excess of $50,000 to date. She has also donated over one hundred of her own books for other fundraising causes.

She speaks with great honesty and elegance on her own journey as an autistic mum and is an engaging interview choice for World Autism Day.


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