The Write to Heal Essential Oil Signature Blend calms and encourages joyful creative expression. It assists one to move beyond the fear of failure, anxiety and mental fatigue so one can embrace joy and mental clarity, and develop self-acceptance.

This unique noteworthy blend of twelve pure grade essential oils corresponds with the twelve chakras (energy centres) of the human body, to open the floodgates of one’s creative potential. Imagine inviting nature indoors. Unlike many essential oil products on the market today that address the chakras individually, the Write to Heal Blend is one bottle that addresses the whole body, and is a holistic approach to honour the mind, body, and spirit.

Students, bloggers, journalists, authors, songwriters, painters, photographers—all who seek to write and/or be creative—will likely resonate to the blend’s aroma and the benefits. Available as a pulse point, set in jojoba oil, this is applied to the skin, and is a fabulous way to carry it with you wherever you go. While the essential oil blend is for diffusing in the office or at home. Both come with a list of the twelve oils and their therapeutic benefits.

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Write to Heal and Make your Mark!

What people are saying about the Write to Heal Signature Blend…

“My favourite place to use the pulse point was at the nape of my neck and on my wrists. I found it calming and relaxing. I do believe it gave me clarity of mind and confidence to help me through the day. It has a gorgeous aroma, that has calming qualities of its own. I would definitely purchase again.” – Alicia

“It helps me to calm my mind so that I can concentrate better in my studies. I take in a lot more information when I’m wearing it and I don’t have to read the same thing 5 times for it to sink in!” – Judy

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